North Luangwa National Park

Very few, if any national parks or reserves offer the same experience of undisturbed wilderness as North Luangwa National Park. This is Africa in its rawest form. There are no roads and so no vehicles and unlike its southern counterpart, the park is only for walking safaris. If you want to get close to nature without the crowds, then a tailor-made safari in North Luangwa won’t disappoint.

About North Luangwa National Park

The eco-systems of North Luangwa are similar to those found in South Luangwa – a combination of bushland, woodland and grassland. However, unlike South Luangwa, 25% of the park lies upon the Muchinga Escarpment which provides an ideal habitat for sable, bush pig, blue monkeys and a variety of birds. There are rhino in the central regions of the park which are heavily protected, but you will not find any giraffe here.

While accompanied by a professional guide on daily walks during your North Luangwa safari you are likely to see enormous herds of buffalo and even prides of lions. The thrill of a visit here will excite even the most seasoned of safari-goers.


North Luangwa National Park Wildlife Safaris

North Luangwa is now a Big Five safari destination, with elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard all found in the park, as well as black rhino following a successful reintroduction programme. Animals here tend to be a little shier as they are less accustomed to human visitors, which makes sightings all the more exhilarating.

Zebra, wildebeest and Liechtenstein’s hartebeest are among the most common grazers found on walking safaris in North Luangwa, whilst cheetah and African wild dog sightings do occur but are rare.

Although activities in North Luangwa National Park are focussed on bush walks, there are some limited game drives and night drives available. Visits to Mwaleshi and Chipopma Falls are also possible.

Birding in North Luangwa National Park

Over 400 species of bird have been recorded within North Luangwa including 38 different types of raptor. Species that don’t appear in the south, such as chestnut-backed sparrow-weaver and the white-winged starling, are also found on the escarpment.

Birding specials in the park include the African broadbill, African crake, Allen’s gallinule, barred long-tailed cuckoo, dwarf bittern, Lilian’s lovebird, narina trogon, Pel’s fishing owl, woodland kingfisher, white-headed black chat and the yellow-throated longclaw among others.

Best Places to Stay in North Luangwa National Park

There is a choice of excellent safari camps in North Luangwa.

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Best Time to Visit North Luangwa National Park

The optimum time to visit North Luangwa is during the dry winter months from June to October. During this period the vegetation is thinner, improving range of sight as animals localise around watering holes.

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How to Book a North Luangwa National Park Safari Holiday

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