Lower Zambezi National Park

Of all Zambia’s national parks, the Lower Zambezi has one of the highest concentrations of wildlife. Located in the Zambezi Valley on the northern bank of the Zambezi River, the park is famed for its big game encounters. The vast flood plain attracts large quantities of wildlife and promises superb game viewing on a tailor-made Lower Zambezi safari holiday.

About Lower Zambezi National Park

The park itself is 4,092 km² in size and makes up part of a much larger game management area that also includes Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park. The Lower Zambezi is relatively undeveloped compared to other African parks, without compromising on activities or sights. There are very few vehicles seen during the day and at night the lack of light pollution means the Zambian sky is awash with a blanket of dazzling stars.


Lower Zambezi Wildlife Safaris

Four of the Big Five can be spotted on a safari in Lower Zambezi National Park. Elephant and buffalo are the most commonly sighted big game, and both can be found forming large herds of over 100 individuals. Lion and leopard sightings occur relatively frequently and lions often hunt at dusk making for an exhilarating safari experience for those lucky enough to see it.

Zebra and wildebeest are both common plains game found within the park. Cheetah sightings are rare but hyena and African wild dog can both be seen in the Lower Zambezi with a little luck.

Activities in Lower Zambezi include game drives, night drives, walking safaris, boat cruises, canoeing safaris and fishing. Visits to Chongwe Falls and local villages are also available.

Birding in Lower Zambezi National Park

Over 350 species of bird have been recorded in the Lower Zambezi National Park making it one of Zambia’s premium birding destinations. Birding specials in the park include the African skimmer, blue-cheeked bee-eater, Lillian’s lovebird, Meyer’s parrot, osprey, pennant-winged nightjar and the trumpeter hornbill among others.

Best Places to Stay in Lower Zambezi National Park

There is a range of camps and lodges in Lower Zambezi that will satisfy most budgets and requirements.

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Best Time to Visit Lower Zambezi National Park

During Zambia’s dry season from June to October wildlife concentrates around permanent water sources and vegetation is thinner, which makes spotting animals easier. In the latter part of this period around October time, temperatures can become uncomfortably hot.

Birding is good year-round in the Lower Zambezi. However, between November and April migratory species appear in the park and can be seen displaying their breeding plumage.

Weather During the Year


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