Kafue National Park

Kafue is the largest national park in Zambia at 22,400 km². Since Zambia is still on the rise as a tourist destination, the park is largely unexplored and is a hugely exciting prospect for those seeking a true African wilderness experience. It is said that Kafue is one of the best places in Africa to find leopard, and healthy populations of cheetah which are uncommon elsewhere in Zambia, are also found in the park. Sightings of rarer species such as pangolin, aardvark, civet and honey badger occur at a good frequency on safaris in Kafue.

About Kafue National Park

During the Zambian summer months rain falls and floods the dry grasslands leaving the Busanga floodplains, in the north of the park, practically inaccessible. As the rain subsides in May, the dry winter months begin and the water on these plains diminishes leaving a fertile grassland, able to host large herds of zebra, wildebeest and other grazers. Such plentiful prey is of course irresistible to opportunistic predators like lion and cheetah.


Kafue National Park Wildlife Safaris

Big cats are a real highlight of a tailor-made safari in Kafue National Park. Sightings of lion and leopard are relatively common as are cheetah which are seldom seen in other areas of Zambia. Hyena and the endangered African wild dog can also be found in Kafue.

Elephant and buffalo are both common sightings in Kafue, although sadly they can be a little skittish due to years of poaching. However, today elephants number between 4,000 and 6,000 in the park, and seeing these gentle giants interact is often a highlight of a bespoke Kafue safari. There are also 20 different antelope species to be found in Kafue including the Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, oribi, oribi, puku, roan and red lechwe and the rare sitatunga antelope.

Activities in Kafue include game drives, night drives, walking safaris, birding safaris, canoeing, boat cruises and even hot air balloon rides when conditions are favourable.

Birding in Kafue National Park

Kafue’s habitat diversity makes it the best place in Zambia for bird watching. Over 495 species of bird have been recorded in the park including the African fin-foot, the near-endemic black-cheeked lovebird, Pel’s fishing owl, wattled and crowned cranes and the Chaplin’s Barbet, Zambia’s only endemic bird.

Migratory species can be found displaying their breeding plumage in the park between November and April.

Best Places to Stay in Kafue National Park

There is a selection of camps and lodges in Kafue National Park which will satisfy most budgets and requirements.

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Best Time to Visit Kafue National Park

Zambia’s drier months from June to November are the best time for game viewing in Kafue. Animals tend to localise around water and vegetation is thinner making them easier to find. During these months it is not uncommon to find herds of elephants playing in the waters of the Kafue River in the south of the park.

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