The Cedarberg Mountains stretch for 100 kms and sit mostly within the Cedarberg Wilderness Area, roughly 200 kms north of Cape Town. This pristine and lesser-visited area of South Africa is home to the Cape floral kingdom, ancient walking trails, striking sandstone formations, amazing panoramic views and San rock art.

About Cederberg Mountains

The Maltese Cross, Lot’s Wife and the Stadsaal Caves are all geological highlights of a tailor-made Cedarberg Mountains holiday and can be visited during pleasant hikes in the southern and central parts of the wilderness area. There are also several well-preserved examples of ancient rock artwork by the San people found here. Further north you’ll find further stunning hikes to Boontjieskloof and Krakadouw, as well as some excellent rock climbing. 

Traditional towns such as Clanwilliam characterise the region and are an ideal base for a holiday in the Cederberg Mountains and the surrounding area. Throughout the year the region is quiet, although it does become much busier during August and September when botanists from around the world flock here to witness the annual wildflower blooms of the Cape Floral Kingdom. During South Africa’s spring months, the area is a kaleidoscope of colour as flowers blanket the countryside. Other activities in the Cederberg Mountains include hiking, mountain biking, wine tasting, horse riding, fishing and white water rafting.


Cederberg Wilderness Area Wildlife Safaris

Safaris in the Cederberg Wilderness Area don’t rival those in other parts of South Africa, yet there are a variety of animals to find in the region. The leopard is the largest mammal in the area, and although naturally elusive, sightings do occur. Several smaller predators can be seen here including the African wild cat, aardwolf, caracal and Cape fox. The most common animal sightings are small antelope such as klipspringer, duiker and grysbok. Rare species like the porcupine, honey badger and aardvark can be found around the Cederberg Wilderness Area but sightings are not frequent. 

Birding in the Cederberg Wilderness Area 

Recorded species of birds in the Cederberg Wilderness Area exceed 100 and include a variety of raptor species such as the rare Verreaux’s eagle and the rock kestrel.

Best Places to Stay in the Cederberg Mountains

There are a number of excellent lodges in the Cederberg Mountains regions. Standards vary and so options to suit almost any budget are available. For those seeking a touch of luxury, the Bushmans Kloof Retreat is superb option. Not only is the stay here excellent but it is located on a wilderness reserve within easy reach of both the Cederberg Wilderness Area and Tankwa Karoo National Park. 

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Best Time to Visit the Cederberg Mountains

The flowering season in Spring is between August and September, when temperatures are pleasant, but rain is possible. From November to March it tends to be hot and dry, with hiking best during the mornings to avoid the heat of the day.

Weather During the Year


How to Book a Cederberg Mountains Holiday

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