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Known as the ‘land of a thousand hills’ Rwanda is home to undulating landscapes and mountains blanketed in thick tropical rainforests that cover large areas of the country. Many who visit Rwanda come here to see the gorillas as part of an add-on to a safari in a nearby country. Certainly, the great apes that reside on the dramatic ancient slopes of the Virunga mountain range in Volcanoes National Park would appeal to any wildlife lover, but there is more to tailor-made holidays in Rwanda than gorillas. The fertility of Rwandan land thanks to an ancient volcanic activity means eco-systems have developed an incredible diversity in animal and plant species.

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Where to visit


When To Go

When to Go

June to September and December to February are Rwanda’s two dry seasons. During these months finding wildlife in Akagera is easier and trekking conditions to see the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park are more favourable.

However, Rwanda can be visited year-round. The likelihood of seeing gorillas is not affected by rain and travel out of season can mean fewer tourists and lower prices.

How to Book a Rwanda Safari Holiday

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