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Our ForRangers Long Stay portfolio was created to offer immersive and rewarding trips to some of Africa’s most magical regions in a more sustainable, experientially beneficial and safer form of travel.

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Sabi Sands & Savé

South Africa & Zimbabwe

Villa in the Wild


Colina Verde


Serengeti & Gorillas

Tanzania & Rwanda

laragai house


Waterberry Lodge


Ndomo House

Lake Malawi

Sabi Sands

South Africa

Sosian Lodge


Chongwe Riverhouse


Better Chances of Spectacular Sightings

There are a variety of benefits to breaking the mould of a typical multi-centre safari. Firstly, you stand a greater chance of exhilarating sightings. Any seasoned safari-goer will be the first to tell you that luck is among the most (if not the single most) important factor in good sightings (perhaps rivalled only by the aptitude of your guide). By staying in a single area for an extended period you stand a better chance of seeing something spectacular.


Making Connections

Secondly, a greater understanding of the region you visit is achieved. It is easy when planning an itinerary to fall into the ‘box-ticking’ trap, visiting areas to say that you have been there while foregoing the opportunity to obtain a true sense of what the region is at its essence. Through extended stays in one place, a stronger bond can be formed with the area,  the nature, the people and the wildlife. Almost always, it is these connections that are the foundations of our fondest memories and what we remember as the years roll on.


Simply put, road and air travel are harmful to the environment. At ForRangers we dedicate a considerable amount of would-be flight generated profit to carefully selected forms of carbon off-setting. By opting to enjoy a long-stay holiday you will be visiting destinations in a more sustainable method of travel with far less of a negative impact on the environment.

Image by Brianna Reak


Finally, safety and sustainability are two of the biggest driving factors behind why we have put this portfolio together. For many people, travelling post-Covid19 pandemic will need to look very different. Through long stay holidays, there is a minimised contact point and overall lower risk of exposure. While we cannot offer complete guarantees, we can guarantee a far lower risk of potential exposure.