Zambia: A Month By Month Guide

January – This is the peak of the wet season, so many camps and lodges are closed, although it’s still a good time to see Victoria Falls.

February – The rains remain, so safaris are still not high on the agenda – except for birding, which is excellent this month.

March – Victoria Falls is particularly impressive in March, with the cascade operating at full flow. Visibility during this period can be limited though as huge plumes of mist erupt into the air. Camps and lodges begin to open for river safaris, and fewer crowds mean this can be a good time to visit.

April – There’s still rain around, but it’s now easing off as the weather begins to dry out. Parks are still quiet, so take advantage of the shoulder season rates.

May – The rain finally ceases, leaving the ground waterlogged and a little tricky for travel in many of the parks.

June – The beginning of the dry season arrives, and with verdant landscapes this is a beautiful time to visit. All accommodation is now open, and great deals are to be had.

July – Temperatures start to rise, and safaris are now in full swing, This is a particularly good time to explore South Luangwa.

August – It’s hot this month, and as vegetation becomes sparser, animals can be seen gathering around waterholes. If you want to combine optimum safari and falls conditions, August is the month to visit.

September – Days are still sunny and warm, with superb wildlife viewing. Victoria Falls is running drier by now, but it’s still a sight to behold.

October – It can be uncomfortably hot during the next couple of months, so safari experiences are done during early mornings and late afternoons.

November – You might experience a few rain showers towards the end of the month, but nothing too disrupting. This is a great time to visit Liuwa Plains National Park when migratory grazers start to arrive.

December – Heavier rainfall leads to increased humidity and high-water levels in the rivers. Vegetation springs back to life making this green season a beautiful time to visit.

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Photo Credit: Time + Tide King Lewanika

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