Namibia's Wet and Dry Season

The dry season in Namibia runs from June to September, when temperatures hover around 20°C and there’s little chance of rainfall. Wildlife viewing is fantastic, especially in Etosha National Park, and travel around the country is a breeze. As a result, this is understandably the most popular time to visit Namibia, so it’s a good idea to book your trip in advance.

Hiking in Namibia’s vast Fish River Canyon is only possible between May and August, when the weather is dry and temperatures aren’t too unbearable. It’s closed from October to March as rainfall is unpredictable and conditions can be dangerous.

Photo Credit: Andersson's Camp

If Namibia has a wet season, it’s going to be between December and March when humidity rises in several parts of the country. In the northern areas you may experience a few short rain showers and even the odd localised thunderstorm, but they won’t spoil your enjoyment. Safaris are still possible during these months, but wildlife will be harder to spot as it scatters across the parks.

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