Malawi: A Month By Month Guide

January – Most of Malawi’s annual rainfall occurs between December and March, so it’s very wet over the next couple of months. Travel around the country can be challenging but birding is excellent.

February – The rains continue, but this is a great time to visit Nyika National Park for wildlife viewing and seeing the floral blooms.

March – This is the final wet month, with short, sharp rain showers during the late afternoons. It’s a good time to see new-born animals and migratory birds.

April – Rain gives way to sun as the dry season arrives, with landscapes green and lush. This is a great shoulder month to enjoy pre-peak season travel.

May – Temperatures are now cooler and safaris are superb, with progressively thinner vegetation and reducing water sources making animals easy to find.

June – Clear skies and sunny days rule the roost this month, and despite being peak season, none of the parks ever get crowded. It’s cold up in the highlands but Lake Malawi is idyllic over these winter months.

July – Rain is but a memory during July, with cool mornings and pleasant day temperatures making safaris a real highlight. Keep an eye out for huge herds of elephants roaming the plains.

August – There’s great beach weather up for grabs over at Lake Malawi, with warm sunny days perfect for water sports and shore picnics.

September – Landscapes are parched, and wildlife is lethargic as the parks get hotter, so animal sightings are super easy. September is when the Lake of the Stars Festival is held at Lake Malawi.

October – Temperatures soar across much of the country, so activities are enjoyed in the mornings and late afternoons to avoid the worst of the heat.

November – This shoulder season can be a bit unpredictable, with some hot dry days, and some early downpours indicating that the rains are just around the corner.

December – The rains arrive in full force, with regular showers and thunderstorms across the country.

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