Botswana: Month by Month Guide

January – Days tend to be hot and dry, with short stormy interruptions on a regular but spectacular basis. Lightning shows are a sight to behold, and wildlife viewing is good, with migratory birds and new-born plains game enjoying the lush grass.

February – This is a scorcher of a month, with high temperatures and powerful storms bringing heavy rain. This is a great time to visit the Central Kalahari which becomes awash with plains game.

March – It’s hot, hot, hot in March, with drier days as the rain eases off. Nights remain warm too.

April – The end of the green season is warm with sunny days and cooler nights, making travel more comfortable. It’s breeding season for some, so expect plenty of action on the plains.

May – Temperatures are much more pleasant in May, heralding the start of the dry season. This is a great time for safaris, getting in just before peak season hits.

June – This is an excellent time for safaris in Botswana, with near-perfect temperatures during the day. Nights are cold, so bring some extra layers for evening game drives.

July – The floodwaters start to rise across the delta, so mokoro safaris are now in full swing. Mornings and evenings remain rather fresh, but days are warm. This is peak travel time in Botswana.

August – Temperatures begin to rise once more, with hot days and fairly warm nights. Wildlife viewing is excellent.

September – Predators are frequently seen hunting on the dry plains as game concentrates around water sources during the peak dry season. It’s hot during the day, with blue skies and lots of sun.

October – Afternoons in October are scorching, so this is the time for siestas back at camp. Game viewing remains great during mornings and late afternoons.

November – Mid-way through the month, the rains return and start nourishing the dry landscape slowly back to life. You’ll see lots of new-born animals towards the end of November, and subsequently plenty of predator action.

December – The thunder is back, along with more frequent rain showers that turn the parks green. It’s a great time to watch the youngsters find their legs as they amble about the plains.

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