Zimbabwe: Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

Many visitors like to include a few days at Victoria Falls during their Zimbabwe holiday, and although this natural wonder is impressive throughout the year, some months are better than others depending on what you want to do when you get there.

The falls are truly magnificent at the end of the wet season when the Zambezi River is full to bursting. Yet this isn’t the best time for safaris so coming a bit later between June and August is probably a better bet if you want to combine the two.

Photo credit: Old Drift Lodge

Is photography a priority? Then you might want to avoid the peak flow months between April and June, when the falls are at their most powerful, but the spray can make taking pictures a bit tricky. The mists are more dispersed from August until November, and although the falls do run quite dry towards the end of this period, the gorge is more visible. Seeing the cliffs that are normally hidden behind a wall of water is truly spectacular.

Want to swim in Devil’s Pool? It’s only open between October and January when water levels are low enough for you to enter, so time your visit to coincide with these months. Or if you fancy a spot of white-water rafting, come to the falls in either August or September to catch the river at the right level before the water begins to drop.

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