When Is The Best Time To Visit Botswana

Botswana is one of those safari destinations that can be visited year-round. Deciding which month is the best time to travel to Botswana depends on where you want to visit and what you’d like to experience when you get there.

Photo credit: Charlie Potter

Wildlife viewing is great throughout the year, and particularly impressive during the dry season when animals concentrate around water sources. This is often seen as the peak time for safaris and is ideal for mokoro adventures too. If exploring by traditional dugout canoe is high on your agenda, then it’s crucial to time your trip to coincide with the flooding of the Okavango Delta, when the network of waterways opens up.

Yet the green season is cooler, with a lower risk of malaria and cheaper accommodation prices. Animals are more widely dispersed but game viewing remains excellent, and migratory birds are abundant during these wetter months. If you want to see new-born plains game tottering about the savannah, attracting all manner of predators from miles around, this is the time to come.

Photo credit: Charlie Potter

Weather patterns in Africa can be unpredictable and are constantly changing thanks to global warming, so don’t be surprised to experience a little rouge rain shower during the dry season. It’s just all part of the adventure.

There’s basically no bad time to visit Botswana, but this weather guide will help you make your mind up about when to visit for your safari holiday.

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