Best Time For Safaris In Malawi

Safaris in Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve are without doubt at their finest during the peak dry months between April and November. From July onwards, wildlife is easier to spot as vegetation is less dense, and animals concentrate around rivers and water holes so you can snap away with your camera to your heart’s content. This is a popular time of course, so prices are higher, but it’s worth it for the incredible encounter.

Photo credit: Mkulumadzi Lodge

It can be quite hazy during this time of year, so don’t expect back-to-back blue skies in all your photographs. However, most days remain sunny, and apart from October which can be unbearably hot, temperatures are ideal for a safari.

Both parks are open year-round, so safaris during the wetter months are possible, and indeed enjoyable. Landscapes are fresh and green, there will be many new-born animals around, and you’ll likely have most encounters to yourself. Migratory birds arrive in their thousands, so if birding is your thing then this is the time to come. Just bear in mind it can be rather hot and humid in the rainy season, and the road conditions are poor, meaning travel around the country requires a sense of adventure.

Photo credit: Chelinda Lodge

Meanwhile, up on the Nyika Plateau it gets pretty chilly during the dry winter months, so it’s actually better to come in summer between November and April. Yes, it’s a bit hotter and wetter at this time, but wildlife viewing is in its prime and that’s what you’re really here for after all. Vegetation is lush, and wildflower blooms including the iconic orchids carpet the plains, so it’s a dream for photographers. As with anywhere in Malawi during the wet season, road conditions in Nyika aren’t at their best, so do consider your mode of transport when visiting this region.

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