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Our Story

Hami slips out of the house just before dusk, leaving behind the cheerful sounds of his three young children playing. He smiles to himself. Despite the dangerous night that lies ahead, Hami is proud to be a ranger, knowing that his dedication protects both the wildlife he cares about, and the family he loves. Joining his fellow rangers Hami heads out on patrol. It’s cold and the dark is full of hidden menace, but Hami doesn’t hesitate. He has a job to do.

Muffled voices and gunshots penetrate the gloom up ahead. Approaching silently through the thick bush, Hami wishes he had new, well-fitted gear to help combat the poachers but knows he must instead rely on instinct and training to tackle what lays before him. Just as he recognizes the bellows of a distressed elephant another shot rings out, and Hami finds himself on the ground. His last thoughts are not for himself. They’re for the elephant he tried to save, and the family he is leaving behind. As the noise of combat slowly fades, he wonders, will his family be safe?

Most people are aware of the plight facing African wildlife, yet few realise the human cost behind the battle to save our wilderness. Did you know that more than 1,500 rangers have been killed in the line of duty since 2005? Hami represents just one of these courageous men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Africa’s natural heritage. Many more have been injured and are now unable to work, leaving destitute families as collateral damage in the race against poaching.

We’re on a mission to change that!

For Rangers Adventures has been established with the aim of funding conservation and ranger training through carefully curated safari holidays. By offering conscientious tailor-made travel opportunities for those who like to purchase with a purpose, we are turning the tide on poaching and making a difference to rangers across Africa.

In the Beginning


For Rangers founders Sam Taylor (L) and Pete Newland (R) are passionate advocates for conservation in Kenya. They’ve been training wildlife rangers and working with endangered species for many years, giving them a deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by those on the ground.

They set up the For Rangers charity with the belief that by receiving welfare and support, rangers will be more invested in their work and better equipped to do their job. They will also be safer, as well as happier, and thus more effective in the fight against illegal poaching syndicates. By harnessing the economic power of the travel industry, the For Rangers team aims to greatly increase the proportion of profits being reinvested into Africa’s natural heritage before it is lost forever.


For Rangers founders Sam Taylor (L) and Pete Newland (R)

Funding Conservation Through Conscientious Travel

Charlie photographing lion in Botswana whilst visiting camps and lodges.

Sam met Charlie Potter in Kenya in 2013 whilst Charlie was working with Borana's horseback safari operation. During this period, Sam relocated 21 black rhino onto the conservancy their presence acted as a catalyst in the need for greater ranger support in the region and from where For Rangers was born.


Charlie returned to London that winter and later took up a career in travel, arranging safaris for his clients for firms such as Cox & Kings, Kuoni and Exodus Travels. Although born in the U.K. Charlie grew up near to the Kruger National Park in South Africa and as an adult visited much of southern and eastern Africa photographing wildlife (charliep_wildlife) and inspecting camps and lodges. 


5 years after their first encounter, a phone call between Sam and Charlie kickstarted the pair on an ambitious venture to create a UK based tour operator that would commit a larger percentage of its profit into protecting the natural world than any other market competitor. The goal was (and still is...) to harness the financial power of tourism to provide greater support and security to the incredible people tasked with protecting Africa's most vulnerable species.

A de-horned rhino cow and her calf photographed by Charlie whilst on foot in Zimbabwe.

Sam’s unyielding commitment to wildlife management and protection has resulted in some of Kenya’s finest conservation success stories in recent times. His dedication to conservation goes far beyond his already impressive day-to-day efforts on the ground. He has run some of the world’s most gruelling races and climbed eight of its highest peaks to raise money for the charity campaign he began in 2015. Sam’s achievements have also inspired other members of the wider For Rangers family to participate in incredible challenges to raise money in support of Africa’s wildlife rangers. He also leads some of our Kenya conservation safaris.


With our dedication and your trust, we know business innovation will be a huge factor in combatting poaching in Africa. By booking a safari holiday with us you will be making a real difference, as well as enjoying authentic experiences that go beyond what most travellers ever get to do.

Sam relocating 21 black rhino in Kenya, 2013.

Going Above and Beyond... Literally!

Until the conception of For Rangers Adventures, the primary fundraising strategy of the charity had been based largely on donations in support of extreme endurance events. These have included participation in some of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons and summiting the highest peaks on earth. Undertaking such challenges has raised over $3m for wildlife rangers across Africa, as well as demonstrating our commitment to alleviate the hardships faced by those in the field. It has also provided a platform so their stories can be shared with the world.


So far, the For Rangers family have climbed Mt. Everest, Manaslu, Aconcagua and Mt. Blanc, as well as paddling the length of the Yukon, riding across Mongolia on horseback and cycling from Johannesburg to Nairobi. We’ve laced up our running shoes to complete epic traverses across Iceland, the Namibian desert and the Amazon jungle, as well as taking part in the infamous Marathon Des Sables. In 2021 Pete is planning to do the Arc to Arch triathlon and Sam will attempt a 700-mile self-supported horse expedition across Patagonia.

In partnership with Beyond the Ultimate and Save the Rhino International, we launched the For Rangers Ultra in 2018. This 230km race passes through Kenya’s premium ‘Big Five’ country, taking in the conservancies of Lewa, Borana, Ol Jogi and Ol Pejeta. 46 runners took part in the inaugural event and 68 in the second one, raising a combined total of almost £260,000. In 2019 a team of rangers representing the four rhino conservancies successfully completed the Ultra, something we hope will continue for future events.

Interested in participating in our 2021 For Rangers Ultra? Find out more here.

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