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Our Story

Most people are aware of the plight of wildlife on the African continent. Fewer people realise the human toll protecting it has taken. To provide some context, more than 1,500 rangers have been killed in the line of duty since 2005. Many more have been left injured and unable to work, leaving orphans and destitute families as the collateral damage in the battle to save our wilderness.


For Rangers founders Sam Taylor (L) and Pete Newland (R)  are employed in the conservation sector in Kenya, training wildlife rangers and working with endangered species. For Rangers was started with the belief that by providing rangers with welfare and support, they will be invested in their work, be better equipt to do their job, be safer and secure, happier and more effective in the fight against illegal poaching syndicates. Through harnessing the economic power of the travel industry, we aim to greatly increase the percentage of profits being reinvested into Africa’s natural heritage before it is lost forever.

Going Above and Beyond... Literally!

Until the conception of ForRangers Adventures, For Rangers’ primary fundraising strategy has been based largely on donations in support of extreme endurance events. These have included participation in some of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons and summiting the highest peaks on earth. Undertaking such extreme challenges has raised over $3m dollars for wildlife rangers across Africa, demonstrated our commitment to alleviating the hardships faced by rangers in the field and provided a platform from which to tell the world their story.

So far the ForRangers family have climbed Mt. Everest, Manaslu, Aconcagua and Mt. Blanc. We have cycled the length of the Yukon, paddled the length of the Yukon, ridden across Mongolia on horseback and from Johannesburg to Nairobi on bicycles.

We have also run the Marathon Des Sables, run 250km in the Amazon jungle, run across Iceland and Namibian desert as well as the London, New York and Lewa marathons. Next year (2021) Pete is planning to do the Arc to Arch, (a giant triathlon from the Arc de Triumph to Marble arch after swimming the channel)and Sam will attempt a 700-mile horse expedition self-supported across Patagonia.

In 2018, in partnership with Beyond the Ultimate and Save the Rhino International, For Rangers launched the For Rangers Ultra: 230km through Kenya’s premium ‘Big Five’ country: Lewa, Borana, Ol Jogi and Ol Pejeta Conservancies. 46 runners took part in the inaugural event and 68 in the second one, raising a combined total of almost £260,000 for Save the Rhino and For Rangers. In 2019 a team of four rangers, one from each of the four rhino conservancies, successfully completed the Ultra; we hope this will continue for as long as the event takes place.

70 runners were due to take part in the third event in September 2020 but, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event partners took what was a difficult decision, at the time, to postpone the upcoming event and deliver two events in September 2021. All 70 runners have been given the option to defer to 2021, fewer than five declined the offer

and dropped out of the event.

Interested in participating in our 2021 For Rangers Ultra? Find out more here.

Selling Travel. Funding Conservation.

The expansion of ForRangers into travel started with a phone call in early 2018 between ForRangers Adventures’ founders Charlie Potter and Sam Taylor. During the call the two now directors formed the basis of a plan to create a UK based tour operator that would commit a larger percentage of its profit to the protection of the natural world than any other tour operator in the market. The goal was to provide you, our clients, the opportunity to book your travel to Africa conscientiously and without asking you to compromise on the quality of service or the price.

Charlie and Sam’s respective career paths up to that point offered the perfect balance for what they were setting out to achieve. Charlie has worked for some of the UK's top tour operators including Cox & Kings, Kuoni and Exodus Travels as an Africa Specialist and was consistently among the top performers in both customer satisfaction and sales revenue.  Charlie also played an important role in establishing a tailor-made travel department that went on to turn-over more than £500k profit in its first year. His experience in the UK travel industry meant he was well geared to start applying his skills effectively into making a positive impact when he started with ForRangers Adventures.

Sam’s unyielding commitment to wildlife management and protection has resulted in some of Kenya’s finest conservation success stories in recent times. His commitment to conservation goes far beyond his already impressive day-to-day efforts on the ground. He has run some of the world’s most gruelling races and climbed 8 of its highest peaks to raise money for the charity campaign he began in 2015. His efforts have also inspired other members of the ForRangers family to participate in incredible challenges to raise money in support of Africa’s wildlife rangers. He also leads some of our Kenya conservation safaris.

With our commitment and your help and trust, we know innovation in business can be a huge factor in turning the tide on illegal poaching Africa. Want to know more? us today!

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