NamibRand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is located to the west of the Nubib Mountains and east of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. A limit of one bed per 1,000 hectares means the reserve is never crowded and there is a focus on financial self-sustenance through low-impact tourism. At over 2,000 km² NamibRand is one of Africa’s largest reserves. There are numerous animal species, including leopard, to search for within the NamibRand, and at night the dark skies offer some internationally recognised star-gazing opportunities.

About NamibRand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve owes its existence to German businessman J.A. Brückner. Between 1984 and 1998, Brückner purchased the 13 sheep farms which made up the land that is the reserve today. The dividing fences were then removed in order to redress nature’s balance. Within the reserve borders are four distinct natural habitats: grasslands, dunes, inselbergs (isolated rock hills), and mountainous gravel plains – all combining to support a diverse spectrum of wildlife.


NamibRand Reserve Wildlife Safaris

There is a variety of desert-dwelling wildlife that can be found within the reserve. Oryx and springbok are the most common sightings on a tailor-made safari in NamibRand, with kudu, Hartman’s and Burchell’s zebra, giraffe, hartebeest and baboon also all found within the reserve’s boundaries. Leopard and two types of hyena (brown and spotted) are the largest predators on the reserve, with smaller predators including the black-backed jackal, aardwolf, caracal and genet among others.

The reserve is a unique eco-system that is easily admired from the comfort of a 4×4, during a NamibRand nature walk with a professional guide, whilst horseback riding or from the air on a hot air balloon safari.

During the evening grab a telescope and tilt it up to the skies. In 2012, NamibRand was the second place in the world to be designated a Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserve. Tourism here is controlled so it doesn’t interfere too much with the natural balances of the area, which makes for a rather exclusive safari holiday in NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Best Places to Stay in the NamibRand Reserve

Relative to its size, there are purposefully not many beds in the NamibRand Reserve. However, the existing accommodation provides an excellent range to choose from.

There are several authentic NamibRand safari camps and lodges dotted across the reserve, with something to suit most budgets and preferences. 

Hand-picked Camps and Lodges

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Best Time to Visit NamibRand Nature Reserve

The weather in NamibRand is best between February and May when temperatures are warmer. You can in fact travel here all year round, but during the winter between May and September it does drop below freezing at night.

Weather During the Year


How to Book a NamibRand Nature Reserve Holiday

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