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Characterised by otherworldly landscapes, intriguing wildlife and one of the lowest population densities in Africa, Namibia is home to some of the most unique safari holidays on the continent. Variety of experience is what sets tailor-made Namibia holidays apart, offering everything from climbing sand dunes and hiking along remote canyons, to meeting cheetahs up close and kayaking with seals.

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Where to visit


When To Go To Namibia

whe to go

Travel to Namibia can be enjoyed year-round as there is very little annual rainfall and the climate is enjoyable for the majority of the time. Wildlife viewing is best between the months of June and September when there is less water around and animals tend to concentrate near permanent water sources making them easier to find.


From December to March days can become humid and there is a greater chance of short rain showers, mainly in the northern part of the country.


If you’re still wondering when to visit Namibia, have a chat with one of our experts and they’ll help you work out when is best for your visit.

How to Book a Namibia Safari Holiday

To discuss your tailor-made Namibia safari holiday packages, luxury honeymoons or family safari itineraries, speak to one of our Namibia experts today by contacting us.

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