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Gorongosa National Park


Tailor-made safaris in Gorongosa focus on an inspiring story of conservation success and growing animal populations, set against a backdrop so stunning it earned the park the title ‘Eden of Africa’. The best place to go on safari in Mozambique is Gorongosa, and a visits here are often combined with a stay at the beach in Vilanculos, the Bazaruto Archipelago or the Quirimbas islands.

About Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park was once one of the most highly sought-after safari destinations in Africa during the 1950s and 1960s. High-profile visitors from all over the globe would come to explore its woodlands, rainforests and limestone gorges. 

However, the civil war that spread across Mozambique between 1977 and 1992 had a damaging effect on Gorongosa, as the wildlife population here became bushmeat to feed soldiers or opportunistic poachers. Today, the park is an incredible example of growing conservation success thanks to the investment and efforts of American philanthropist Greg Carr.

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Gorongosa Wildlife Safaris

Gregg Carr’s dedication to the park’s rehabilitation has seen Gorongosa regain stability and prosperity with increasing populations of lions, leopards and elephants all living within its boundaries. Antelope species such as waterbuck, oribi and sable are all also growing in number at an encouraging rate. 

Birding in Gorongosa National Park 

There are over 300 recorded bird species in Gorongosa and you can expect to see almost 100 species in a day during peak birding months. Birding specials in the park include Ayre’s hawk eagle, broad-tailed paradise whydah, green-winged pytilia, pallid honeyguide, Reichenow’s woodpecker, singing cisticola and Zambezi indigobird amongst others. 

The chirinda apalis, lesser seedcracker and the Swynnerton’s robin are near-endemic species found in the area. The nearby Mount Gorongosa is a superb birding destination and well worth a day visit on a Mozambique bird watching holiday.

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Best Places to Stay in Gorongosa National Park

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Best Time to Visit Gorongosa National Park

Mozambique’s dry season from June to October is the best time to see wildlife. During these months, animals localise around waterholes and vegetation is thinner making them easier to find. 

However, the month of October can be uncomfortably hot. November to April are the best months for birding. 

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