Shanti Maurice

This luxurious yet informal boutique hotel with an award-winning spa and enviable beach location is a big hit with families and couples alike. Suites and villas are dotted around the lush tropical gardens, some with private pools and personal butlers.

The superb location on the southern coast makes the Shanti Maurice ideal for water sports, as well as inland adventures in the nearby Black River Gorges National Park. Food here is always fresh and locally sourced with a farm-to-fork ethos. Enjoy barbecues on the beach whilst listening to the waves lapping on the shore or dress up for an evening of fine dining at the romantic Stars restaurant. Don’t forget to book a session in the spa so you can leave feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Conservation and Sustainability

Shanti Maurice’s sustainability goals include reducing and removing pollution, poverty and illiteracy from Mauritius. Taking cue from the five elements of Mother Nature or water, earth, fire, air and space, the hotel use ethically-sourced products and eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day operations - all with the aim of creating memorable holidays and unique experiences.

The management of waste has become a fundamental part of Shanti Maurice’s support and protection of the surrounding eco-system. They have undertaken a firm commitment in reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites. The property’s zero food waste policy means that a vast reduction in chemical fertiliser on nearby farms has occurred. Each year Shanti Maurice produced roughly 7,000 new plants, maintains a balance eco systems on natural algae in their fishpond and grows their own fruit and vegetables which are served to guests during meals.

Shanti Maurice also partners with a local coral reef conservation NGO in order to protect Mauritius’ tropical coastal reefs. They have also implemented a sea to fork concept where local fisherman are favoured and supported in buying their line caught fish fresh and adapt menu in this direction. Continuing this ethos, Shanti Maurice give priority in their procurement practice of locally source product to limit air pollution and water pollution. As such they partner with “Made in Moris” a local representative featuring all local companies producing local products. Enhanced sea-to-table and farm-to-table selection are set in place to ensure fresh, local and sustainable products.

Shanti Maurice also make a considerable contribution to the betterment of the lifestyles of local communities. This includes continued support to the local Angel Special School, road maintenance and care, community education projects and the creation of safe and clean swimming zones for locals residing near St. Félix beach.