Amboseli National Park

Boasting a variety of different mammal and bird species across five different types of habitat, Amboseli is one of Kenya’s best national parks when it comes to unsurpassed safari experiences.

It is renowned for both its incredible views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the opportunity to get close to big ‘tuskers‘. Amboseli’s elephant population is world famous for their size and earned the park its nickname of ‘Land of the Giants’. The large herds of elephants wandering across the plains often exceed 50 in number and are generally undeterred by human presence. As a result, close-up elephant sightings are all but guaranteed. Amboseli safaris are highly rewarding experiences, and there’s a great selection of accommodation in the park and the neighbouring conservancy. To discuss including a tailor-made Amboseli safari on your holiday in Kenya contact our team today.

About Amboseli National Park

Located in southern Kenya near the border with Tanzania, Amboseli covers 392 km² and takes its name from Lake Amboseli over in the west of the park. The lake is rarely full, but the nearby swamps and marshes support a wealth of lush green vegetation that contrasts the dry savannah in the rest of the park. Amboseli became a national park in 1974 and gained UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in 1991 to protect the incredible biodiversity in this region. The park’s proximity to Nairobi and good flight links make it an easy addition to any Kenya safari holiday. Amboseli can be reached by road in under four hours and by air in under 45-minutes.


Amboseli National Park Wildlife

Four of the Big Five are found on safari in Amboseli as there are no rhino in the park. The dry savannah supports a variety of plains game such as giraffe, buffalo, zebra, antelope and wildebeest. Lions are present too, but sightings are not as common as in some of Kenya’s other parks and reserves. 

Elephants are the highlight of a tailor-made Amboseli safari. Large matriarchal herds or solitary bull elephants crossing the dusty plains and wallowing in swamps are a common sight on most safaris here. 

In recent years, poaching has become less of a threat to the elephants of Amboseli. As a result, their attitude to human presence is relaxed and they’re happy to pass close by your vehicle. This presents a wonderful opportunity to see their amazing tusks up close and spend a few precious moments with these magnificent animals. Something that is sadly not all that common in other parts of Africa today. 

Amboseli is an excellent destination for birders too, and there are over 420 species including 50 types of raptor and the near-endemic Taveta golden weaver. Lesser flamingos are also increasingly visiting the lakes near the national park in greater numbers.

Best Places to Stay in Amboseli National Park

Camps or lodges within national park or the neighbouring Selenkay Conservancy are the best options for your luxury Amboseli safari. There is a greater selection of camps and lodges within the park itself, where access to the wildlife of Amboseli from these properties is unrivalled. Staying in the nearby Selenkay Conservancy will require travel into and out of the park for game drives within Amboseli. Yet the conservancy belongs to the same ecosystem as the park and supports the same variety of wildlife in good numbers. Elephants, lion, cheetah, leopard, giraffe and more can all be found within its 15,000 acres. As you are not restricted to park rules in the conservancy, off-roading on game drives is allowed and there are fewer vehicles here than in the national park.

Hand-picked Camps and Lodges

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Best Time to Visit Amboseli National Park

The best time to visit Amboseli National Park is during the drier months between June and October, when wildlife tends to stay near water and is easier to find. As these are the peak travel months in Kenya, accommodation can be booked up well in advance and parks and reserves can be busier. We advise booking well ahead if you’re looking for a family safari in Amboseli during the school holidays. 

Amboseli is a good year-round destination unlike most other Kenyan national parks. During the wetter months between November and May Amboseli is less crowded, and there is not as much dust in the air which means that views of Kilimanjaro in the morning and afternoon are more likely, although not guaranteed. Contact us today to discuss the ideal time to book your Amboseli safari holiday. 

Weather During the Year


How to Book an Amboseli Safari Holiday

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