Khwai Region

This part of Botswana is renowned for predator species such as lion, leopard, hyena and packs of the endangered African wild dog. Khwai safari holidays promise exciting and memorable wildlife experiences with the benefit of knowing your visit is contributing in some way to Botswana’s wildlife conservation and the local communities that live in the area.

Khwai Private Reserve

The Khwai Private Reserve is a large private concession that borders the Moremi Game Reserve. The reserve is over 440,000 acres in size and is home to an abundance of iconic and rare animal species such as lion, leopard, wild dog, cheetah, elephant, and sable antelope among many others.

The landscape of the reserve is among the most diverse habitats in northern Botswana. open savannah, mopane and riverine woodlands, floodplains, rivers and lagoons all offer the perfect setting for a Khwai tailor-made safari experience.

The reserve is a pioneering form of conservation that uses the power of tourism generated revenue to benefit local human populations and wildlife conservation efforts. Year on year, ground-breaking research is carried out within the reserve. As a result, our understanding of animal populations and behaviour allow for the development and improvement of conservation strategy – an invaluable tool in protecting Africa’s wildlife. During a visit to the Khwai Private Reserve meetings with researchers can sometimes be arranged to learn more about their work. The reserve also features in a number of our conservation safari itineraries.

Khwai Community Concession

The Khwai Community Concession is owned by the local Khwai community. For every visitor to the concession the community receive payment. This monetary incentive to local people to protect the habitat in which they live and the animals with which they share it has proven to be one of the most successful conservation blueprints in Africa. Wildlife populations in the concession are excellent and sightings of the regions predators are common. There are also a variety of other rare and iconic species that you may see during your visit.

The concession is open to self-drive visitors and mobile safari operators. As a result, while sightings on safari are often incredibly exciting they can become a little crowded, especially during the peak months between June and October. There are a number of excellent camps that we would highly recommend in the Khwai Concession such as Machaba Camp. Machaba Camp represents excellent value for money for their calibre and the standard of guiding is truly superb.


Wildlife in the Khwai Area

Khwai comprises of a variety of landscapes and eco-systems and as a result support a broad range of species. The region is one of the best in Africa to find the elusive leopard and the endangered African wild dog. Lion populations are also very healthy and sightings of Africa’s biggest cat are relatively common.

Dry woodland away from the river are home to rare antelope species such as sable and roan. Along and in Khwai’s waterways excellent numbers of hippos, crocodiles, waterbuck and lechwe. These water-based antelope species can also be found strewn across open flood plains, the ideal hunting ground for Khwai’s lions. Elephant, zebras, impalas, giraffes, buffaloes can be found across Khwai in a variety if habitats.

Birding in the Khwai Area

Recorded species of bird in the Khwai area exceed 500, and during Botswana’s summer months between May and November the area is alive with domestic and migratory birds. There are several exciting birds of prey to be found during a tailor-made Khwai safari, including the Pel’s fishing owl, Bateleur eagle, martial eagle and black-chested snake eagle amongst others. Birding specials in the Okavango include the slaty egret, African pygmy goose and the rosy-throated long-claw.

Best Places to Stay in the Khwai Area

The Khwai area is promises an exhilarating safari experiences and our choice camps are guaranteed to augment the authentic African bush experience for which Khwai is renowned. Choosing the right camp in the not only means that you are more likely to get the best possible safari experience for you. It also means that your visit can be of maximum benefit to the wilderness that you visit

Hand-picked Camps and Lodges

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Best Time to Visit the Khwai Area

Khwai’s peak season runs from June to October. During these months there is little rain, the climate is pleasant and there are less mosquitos making it the perfect time for a Khwai safari. September and October are particularly good months for game viewing as animals tend to concentrate near the water’s edge in greater numbers.

During Botswana’s wetter summer months between November and April animals disperse over greater distances although wildlife viewing remains good. Birding in the Okavango Delta is excellent at this time.

Weather During the Year


How to Book a Khwai Safari Holiday

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